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Rise for Jesse - Global Challah Bake

Rise for Jesse - Global Challah Bake

It's called "Divine Dough" for a reason.
We are all a combination of body and soul. When we take ordinary bread –– a mixture of flour, water and eggs –– and pray, we elevate the ordinary, making it holy.
When we make bread and pray we create an opening to heaven. The opening creates space for G-d to enter our homes and our hearts. But most of all it creates a portal for G-d to feel our tears and hear our prayers.
Imagine hundreds of women, braiding challah and praying at the exact same time. Consider the ripple effect of this happening in cities across the world? The spiritual punch this would pack, this chorus of holiness, would certainly be enough the capture the ear of G-d in a very tumultuous world.
Let's braid bread to bring #JesseGalganov home. Let's Rise For Jesse.
Donations: $18.
100% of proceeds will go to The Missing Children's Network's Jesse Galganov Fund.