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About The Empathy Effect

What started as a humble social experiment snowballed into a Social Movement. It’s called The Empathy Effect. A 365-day experiment, The Empathy Effect launched on Facebook on June 8, 2015. Our hypothesis was simple: could empathy be contagious? Six days a week, we posted a true story and photograh about someone transforming the world through acts of empathy.

At the end of the experiment, we presented an Empathy Effect Award to the subject featured in the original post who inspired the most empathy through “likes,” “shares” and comments. The award, a cash prize of $5,000, is being bestowed to Chai Lifeline Canada, a charitable organization dedicated to helping children suffering from serious illness as well as their family members.

Ultimately, the goal of The Empathy Effect is to gauge whether we can translate the incidental, easy optimism of online empathy (just a click away) into actual empathy in real space and time.

On June 13, 2016, Day 365 of The Empathy Effect, we launched the #EmpathyPledge. Symbolized by a pin, the pledge is a promise to practice one act of empathy every day. 

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